Ghost Owl

Ghost Owl

6 – 21 July 2019, Pinkfoot Gallery, Cley

This story began when my resident Barn owls  nested next to my studio. For three months I watched the parents as they tended the nest; I observed three chicks grow and explore the landscape until the day came when they didn’t return. 

Young Owls Waiting III, Blue Light, 46x55cml, oil on board

Ruff and Baby, 39x49cm, oil on board

Young Owl Preparing, 38.5x46cm, oil on board

A Third Baby, 41x49cm, oil on board


Young Owl Waiting IV, 38.5x46cm, oil on board

Three Young Owls Waiting, 50x61cm, oil on linen 

Young Owls Waiting II,  38x46cm, oil on board

Owl preparing, sketch on paper

Owl Stretching, sketch on paper