I was born in Sheffield in 1966 and decided I was going to be an artist at the age of 5. This tied together with the idea of being Tarzan and living a life of adventure out in the wilds somewhere. This was helped by the fact that my parents bought a house opposite a small forest and here I spent most of my free time.

After studying fine art and illustration at Psalter Lane Art College in Sheffield, I went on to Middlesex Poly (Hornsey College of Art) to study a degree in scientific illustration. This was an intense course in observation, which included human anatomy and the movement of creatures.

Then the real adventure began when I tried to find a natural environment to live in; one that would inspire my work. After years of travelling to places like Africa, Canada and Australia, I finally came to North Norfolk. It immediately felt like the right place to be. A British landscape, with a wide variety of habitats, all within a short distance, with large native creatures living within it.

My work is available through the Pinkfoot Gallery in Cley, Norfolk  and the Mall Galleries, London at the Society of Wildlife Artists annual show. I am an elected member of this Society.

Instagram: @rachellockwoodartist

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